B.U.I.L.D Awards

Apply for 2018 B.U.I.L.D Awards to be displayed during ECBC 2018





Eligibility for the ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards

To be eligible, entrants agree to abide by all rules and regulations of  ECBC B.U.I.L.D. Award’s program.

  • Entries for ECBS B.U.I.L.D. 2018 competition must be located in and fabricated in the U.S. between January 1, 2016 and March 30, 2018.
  • Firms and companies that are participating in ECBC 2018 may submit in each award category.
  • Each submittal will be considered separately.
  • Any team associate may enter a project in the awards program.
  • Acceptance of this agreement authorizes ECBC to disclose information about the recipient of the award and the building design.
  • Award recipients should anticipate providing additional information and commentary regarding winning endeavors by representatives of ECBC and the media.
  • Submitted photographs and images used for exhibition or publication purposes will include the customary photographer’s cutline. However ECBC is not responsible for errors or omissions; ECBC reserves the privilege of retaining materials for reproduction and subsequent exhibition. Submitting firms and companies and project photographers agree to the release of the photographs and images submitted for use by ECBC.

Project Description:

In 500 to 1,000 words, describe how the entered project meets the requirements and transcends the usual industry standard – to the level of industry recognition. The descriptive information, written and graphic, is intended to assist the jury in quickly developing a sound understanding of both general characteristics of the building project and the specific way in which it demonstrates excellence for its award category.

Submission Guidelines:

Submit your entry by filling out the application here. Please send at least, 5 photographs that illustrate the scope of the project to Verne@ecbcshow.com – submitted photos should be lo-res JPGs (winning entries will be asked to supply hi-res project photos). Please include a title in the file name for each photograph.


Judging will be based upon the following:

  • Build — Application of innovative approaches — project converged construction and technology successfully, example: smart home technology.
  • Unity — Visual impact of the project particularly in the coordination of community effort — utilizing resources from various groups to make a unifying end product.
  • Innovation – Sustainable design and eco-friendly execution standards that optimize a home’s overall aesthetic and functionality.
  • Leadership – an essay about a person that inspired you to choose your actions based on values and not personal gain; the person in your life that led by example within the residential builder’s community (this will be judged through the written portion only)
  • Design — Original design and construction methods such as 3-D building models, interoperability, early integration of specialty contractors such as patio/outdoor living spaces, alternative methods of project delivery or other productivity enhancements


Print quality photographs, images and graphics are important to the judging process and should provide an adequate basis for a comprehensive evaluation of the structure and design.

Submitted photographs and images used for exhibition or publication purposes will adhere to the customary photographer’s attribution; ECBC is not responsible for errors or omissions. ECBC reserves the opportunity of retaining possession of all materials for reproduction and subsequent exhibition. Submitting firms and companies and project photographers agree to the release of the photographs and images submitted for use by ECBC.

  • Images should be high-resolution (at least 300 dpi), four inches wide or wider, and submitted as jpg, tiff or eps files.
  • Ten (10) images and/or drawings per entry may be uploaded to the entry form. Entrants may provide fewer than the 10 images allotted.

Photo Submission Requirements — photography, images and graphics should encompass the following for exterior and interior images:

  • Any necessary credits for photos, images and graphics.
  • If more than one photographer’s images are submitted in an entry, each photo’s filename should credit the specific photographer.
  • For a building group, at least one image that illustrates the collective concept, including its relationship to its environs.



Authorize Rights ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards

By submitting your artwork you authorize ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards to post your entry on our site indefinitely, and grant ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards the right to use and display prints of your design for marketing purposes.

ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards Reserves The Sole Right To Determine Eligibility

Each entry will go through an approval process to determine if the project meets our criteria before the entry will be available for judging in its category.

ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards Reserves The Sole Right To Adjust Contest Rules Without Notifying Contestants

Based on the volume of entries or legal requirements, contest rules can be changed and updated without notice. Contest participants are responsible for checking the site for changes, and should review the rules prior to each submission.

ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards Is Not Responsible For Damage To Computer Equipment During Downloads

ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards will make every reasonable attempt to approve only artwork we deem safe for our users to download. However, ECBC B.U.I.L.D Awards accepts no responsibility for any damage to contestant or visitor computer equipment that may result from system malfunction or corrupted/infected files. Scanning any file prior to download with a virus protection program is recommended.