Why Exhibit?

Exhibit at the East Coast Builders Conference!

The East Coast Builders Conference is located in the business center of the south and connects you with thousands of qualified buyers all searching for new products and services in the ever growing residential construction market.

Reasons to Exhibit at ECBC:

  • Expose your brand to the East Coast building community
  • Sell your products or services to builders
  • Meet new homebuilders on the East Coast
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Exhibiting in Atlanta offers more cost savings to ensure you see maximum ROI.
  • Make Valuable industry contacts at networking events
  • The majority of the East Coast builders don’t attend the large national shows because they’re too expensive and too large
  • Events like ECBC are more intimate and give builders a venue to get their word done in less time and for less money
  • The building market in the region is up 20% over the past two years
  • Atlanta leads the country behind Houston for new home starts
  • Industry growth always results in new business star-ups
  • Don’t miss out on meeting with the industry’s newest builders (and connect with established ones)
  • Our robust marketing program will reach over 150,000 builders on the East Coast
  • Great Opportunity to network and build relationships with top industry leaders
  • Raise Market awareness and increase brand awareness
  • Meet strategic partners

Cost Savings in Atlanta                                               keynote

Georgia is a right to work state- No Unions

Save over 30% on Booth Space, Electrical and Labor, as well as Material Handling.

  • Face to face selling is the most effective way to promote your brand, products and services.  We understand it is not all about your sales pitch; your experience is heavily weighed on what you need to spend to make it happen.
  • Georgia is a right to work state- what does this mean for your budget?  We provide loading docks for you to unload and reload your exhibit materials with the need to hire a union worker.
  • If you need to ship to the warehouse in advance of ECBC or directly to the convention center, we will be on hand to offer material handling services.
  • Material handling rates are $77.00/cwt at our warehouse and $66.25/cwt , direct to show site.
  • Save time and money by ordering our turn key exhibitor package.  Your carpet will be lid, your table, chairs and waste baskets will be waiting in your booth upon your arrival.
  • Are you bringing in tile or stone?  We have negotiated a special rate per pallet for you!
  • Remember to order your utility needs from the convetion center early to take advantage of their discounted rates.  You will find that electric and plumbing rate in our facility can run an average of 25% less than events located on the west coast.
  • Hotel packages offer you not just competitive rates, but free parking, free shuttles to the convention center as well as many of the hotels are now offering complimentary internet, managers happy hour and free breakfast!
  • The restaurant community around the Galleria will be offering incentive discounts that will be applied when you dine in their restaurant and bring your ECBC badge.
  • Are you driving in for the day? No need to bring additional money for parking – parking at the Galleria is FREE ALL DAY.

We Deliver the right Audience     

Our database contains over 150,000 QUALIFIED attendees.

Industry Relations:

  • We have relationships with the largest retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the industry

Strategic Media Partners:

  • We work closely with leading industry publications, newsletters and blogs

Association Sponsors:

  • Our partnerships are only with the top trade associations in the industry

Quality Education:

  • Our cutting edge educational programs come directly from the industry experts within our partner associations

Massive Marketing:

  • Our Marketing initiatives will create the buzz!  They include heavy social media, direct mail, email, digital advertising, community outreach and PR.